Our employees are our most valuable assets. Engrained in our company culture is a passion for excellence that helps us deliver Sound Solutions and Superior Service.

Meet the Team

Meet the Speedie & Associates leadership team! Our firm is led by an executive team of four owners, each a registered professional engineer in the State of Arizona supported by 160 professional and technical staff statewide, further supported by the UES family of companies nationwide. This support staff includes Regional Managers for Northern and Southern Arizona, Division Managers for our four pillars of practice, and an incredible team of talent in our offices, laboratories, and our boots-on-the-ground team of certified field technicians and construction inspectors.

Brett P. Creaser

Brett P. Creaser, P.E.


Mr. Creaser serves as a business partner with strategic and operational focus for the firm. His responsibilities include technical, administrative, and financial oversight of the firm's field services, process controls, and operations.

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Donald L. Cornelison

Donald L. Cornelison, P.E.

Senior Vice President

Division Manager, Laboratory Services

Mr. Cornelison is responsible for all administrative and technical activities of the central Materials Testing Laboratory.

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Jason C. Wells

Jason C. Wells, P.E.

Senior Vice President

Division Manager, Field Services

Mr. Wells is responsible for the administration and execution of all Construction Materials Testing and Inspection services performed by the firm.

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Todd B. Hanke

Todd B. Hanke, P.E.

Vice President

Division Manager, Geotechnical Services

Mr. Hanke oversees the geotechnical consulting engineering services provided to clients in the private sector and for state, county, and municipal agencies.

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Christina Vickers

Christina Vickers, M.S.

Senior Project Manager

Division Manager, Environmental Services

Mrs. Vickers oversees all environmental projects for the firm in addition to performing geotechnical and environmental assessments for both public and private entities.

Clay Spencer

Clay Spencer, R.G., C.R.S.


Sr. Project Manager - Geotechnical Services
Justin Manchester

Justin Manchester, CSI/CWI

Southern Arizona Regional Manager

Jamie Schindeldecker

Jamie Schindeldecker

Business Development Director

Mr. Creaser's career started in 1978 with Speedie & Associates predecessor firm, Halpert Associates (which became Speedie & Associates in 1980), where he worked on a part time basis while attending Arizona State University. From 1978 to 1983, Mr. Creaser had varied duties with an increasing level of responsibility, including Laboratory Technician, Survey Technician, Field Technician, ultimately becoming Laboratory Manager by 1983. Mr. Creaser became a full-time employee in 1983, and at that time assumed Senior Field Technician and Special Inspector duties on several large-scale construction projects. In 1984, Mr. Creaser received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Civil Engineering, at which time was elevated to Field Services Manager, where he performed and supervised extensive field and laboratory testing and inspection of construction for many major civil and public works projects, transportation projects, commercial/industrial, school and hospital projects. In 1987, Mr. Creaser became a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Arizona, and continued his technical and administrative duties within the Field Services Division, as well as planning, promoting and leading the Divisions growth. He was promoted to Corporate Vice President and became a minority shareholder in 1995, and continued to actively participate in the, operation, and growth of the firm. In February of 2001, Mr. Creaser, in concert with the three division managers, purchased the firm from its founders. Mr. Creaser is now a major shareholder and principal of Speedie & Associates.
Mr. Cornelison has, over his career, directed operations for several engineering firms providing diverse services such as project management, construction monitoring activities, field and laboratory testing of construction materials, pavement design, mixture design, materials research and other related activities. Mr. Cornelison's career started in 1976 where he worked as an Engineering Technician for ATL Testing Laboratories performing laboratory and field testing on construction materials around the State of Arizona for numerous clients including the FAA, BIA and the Bureau of Reclamation. In 1979 he joined Nesbitt Contracting/Century Materials as Quality Control Manager. His responsibilities included managing the laboratory and directing the activities of the various technicians. He developed a comprehensive quality control program for both commercial and out of town operations and was responsible for ensuring the quality and consistency of materials crushed and processed for major projects around the state. In 1984, Mr. Cornelison joined United Metro Materials (a Tanner Companies Division) as Asphalt Manager, responsible for overseeing the daily operation of the Central Materials Testing Laboratory. In 1989, Mr. Cornelison became a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Arizona and joined Speedie & Associates as a Division Manager. In this capacity, he was responsible for management of all administrative and technical aspects of the Materials Testing Laboratory and Process Control Testing Departments, including; client relations, bid preparation, implementing and maintaining technical testing and document control, coordination with field, laboratory, and equipment managers, and preparation and review of technical reports. In 1990, he accepted a position as General Manager and Director of Technical Services of the Chandler, Arizona office of Kajima Engineering and Construction, Inc. There, he directed a staff of more than 40 employees involved in Materials Engineering and Testing, Geotechnical Engineering, and Environmental Engineering and Remediation. Mr. Cornelison returned to Speedie & Associates in 1995 as Laboratory Division Manager. In 1999, he was promoted to Vice President and became a minority shareholder. Together with three partners, Mr. Cornelison became a shareholder and principal owner in the organization upon purchase of the company in February of 2001.
Mr. Wells joined Speedie and Associates, Inc. in 1996, where he worked as a part-time employee while attending Arizona State University. In 1998, Mr. Wells received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering and ultimately advanced to the role of Field Services Division Manager. He is responsible for the administration and execution of all Construction Materials Testing and Inspection services performed by the firm with the aid of professional engineers/geologists and support personnel. It is Mr. Wells' ultimate responsibility for ensuring that adequate personnel and other resources are made available for each project and for the quality and timeliness of S&A's overall performance. Mr. Wells specializes in construction materials testing and special inspections for vertical construction. Mr. Wells has 25 years of experience in the testing and inspection of a wide variety of structures and infrastructure projects as well as roadway, commercial, and industrial development projects. His responsibilities include but are not limited to the technical review of the field services department, including the oversight of project management, testing methodology, quality control, scheduling, staffing, invoicing, and project completion. In 2002, Mr. Wells became a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Arizona. In 2016, he was promoted to Vice President and became a minority shareholder and principal of Speedie and Associates, Inc.
Mr. Hanke has over 20 years of geotechnical engineering experience in both public and private development sectors, including pavement, utilities, and building foundation design. He received a B.S. in Geological Engineering and a B.S. in Geology and Geophysics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in May 1999. Mr. Hanke is Division Manager for the Geotechnical Department and is responsible for coordinating geotechnical investigations for buildings and infrastructure, including pavement investigations, public right of way improvement projects, utility installation, and pavement evaluations. Mr. Hanke has geotechnical experience in a wide range of projects, including multi-family, mixed use, industrial, and commercial development. Mr. Hanke has provided engineering consulting on numerous large public and private projects, which include P3, Design-Build, and Design-Bid-Build projects in the states of Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, and Alabama. Mr. Hanke has extensive experience in geotechnical and pavement analysis procedures, including testing using falling-weight deflectometer (FWD), Rolling Dynamic Deflectometer (RDD), geotechnical soil borings, and ground penetrating radar (GPR). This wide range of experience allows Mr. Hanke to determine the best approach for any given project.
Mr. Creaser graduated from Arizona State University in 1975 with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. While attending college, Mr. Creaser worked part time for the City of Phoenix as a Construction Inspector, inspecting road construction, water and sewer pipe lines and municipal airport construction. He registered as an E.I.T. in February of 1976 and took a full time position with a small local construction firm, Suncrest Builders, working in all phases of insurance damage repair and rebuilding that included government contract work and remodeling. His responsibilities included carpentry, roofing, concrete and general labor. In March of 1977, Mr. Creaser joined Speedie & Associates' predecessor firm, Halpert Associates as a Staff Engineer and transitioned with them when they became Speedie & Associates in 1980. In 1982, Mr. Creaser became a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Arizona. Over the following years, Mr. Creaser was promoted to Project Engineer, Manager and ultimately Geotechnical Division Manager. During that period, he was involved in all areas of service the company provided. This included construction materials testing and inspection, lab testing, civil engineering (grading, drainage, and utility design), construction staking, environmental services in addition to full responsibility for geotechnical engineering services throughout the entire time period. He was promoted to Corporate Vice President and became a minority shareholder in 1995. Together with three partners, Mr. Creaser is a major shareholder and principal owner of the organization which was purchased outright from the previous owners in February of 2001.