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Not sure if the soils composition on your site are sandy or silty? Looking to find out the environmental history on a piece of land before you buy? Need to schedule an inspection? Whether you have a specific question and are ready to move on a project, or have a general inquiry, we've made it easy for you.

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3331 East Wood Street Phoenix, AZ 85040

Services Specific to this Location
Geotechnical, Environmental, Materials Testing, Laboratory Services, & Special Inspections

  • (602) 997-6391 Main
  • (602) 943-5508 Fax
  • (800) 628-6221 Toll-Free
  • Gregg A. Creaser, P.E., R.L.S.
    President / CEO
    Geotechnical Division Manager
  • Brett P. Creaser, P.E.
    Senior Vice President / CFO
  • Donald L. Cornelison, P.E.
    Vice President
    Laboratory Division Manager
  • Jason C. Wells, P.E.
    Vice President
    Field Services Division Manager
  • Donna Chiappini
    Client Relations Manager
  • Jamie Schindeldecker
    Business Development Manager

Southern Arizona

Tucson: 3125 E. 47th Street Tucson, AZ 85713

  • (520) 514-9411 Main
  • (520) 514-9474 Fax
  • (877) 514-9411 Toll-Free
  • Justin Manchester, CSI/CWI
    Southern Arizona Regional Manager
    Special Structural Inspector
  • Lyle Tweet
    Regional Manager - Geotechnical Services
    Senior Project Manager

Northern Arizona

2026 N. 3rd St., Flagstaff, AZ 86004

  • (928) 526-6681 Main
  • (928) 526-6685 Fax
  • (888) 452-8002 Toll-Free
  • Clay W. Spencer, R.G.
    Northern Arizona Regional Manager
    Senior Project Manager - Geotechnical Services